August 14 (Singapore): CoinLeaders is proud to announce the addition of a 5th license. Now for just 100 euros, a new client can contribute resources to the CoinLeaders network and be in position to receive a reward of DasCoins.

The €100 license currently comes with 1,100 Cycles plus an additional 15% of bonus Cycles for a total of 1,265 Cycles. The €100 license also is eligible for 1 Upgrade and currently has a Frequency Lock of 3.3.

“Our affiliates have been asking for an entry-level license, and we have listened and responded by introducing our new 100 euro license,” said John Pretto, Director of CL Singapore.

DasCoin is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency that will be officially launching in January of 2017. CoinLeaders licenses are offered by CL Singapore Pte. Ltd, based in Singapore.  CL Singapore is a licensed provider of network services for DasCoin and is the exclusive marketer of the provisioning licenses associated with DasCoin.