There are defining moments in life. Times we either did or didn’t choose to do something. Coinleaders asks you what you will be doing this November 24th through the 27th. Will you be wishing for a more exciting, rewarding life or will you be living it?

Introducing the first ever CoinLeaders Global Leadership Summit November 24th to 27th, 2016.

This 4-day event brings together Top Leaders from all over the world to Dubai to learn about the launch of CoinLeaders’ exciting new marketing program. An event that potentially may have the same impact on the Cryptocurrency world, as Amazon or Alibaba has had on global marketing.


Be among the first to learn all the details of our exciting NEW marketing system. Every aspect of the system will be introduced and explained.

Network in style, while taking in all that Dubai has to offer. Evening Cocktail Reception, Brunch Reception, Top of the World Experience, Company Meeting & Presentations, Gala Dinner, and Dubai Team Building Adventures are just some of the experiences you will take home and treasure. 


This your chance to learn directly from some of the individuals that were part of the worldwide coalition of executives and developers responsible for the structure and design of Das Coins unique hybrid approach, as well as to meet and share with other CoinLeaders advocates, customers and vendors.

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